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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 1, 2019 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. >> blake: fox news alert on this new year's day, the stalemate in washington enters a new year as incoming house democrats prepare for a new show down with president trump. welcome to a brand-new year, a brand-new hour inside of america's news headquarters. i'm blake burman. good to be with you on this new year's day. >> laura: great to be back with you again. i'm laura ingle. they will introduce bills to end the government shut down as soon as they take control of the house on thursday. with no money for the president a posthumous wall. lawmakers already fighting over the issue. >> they want to spread the sum of the vote of the president's office for. this is what they voted for republicans for. it's saying that he shouldn't
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budge, he shouldn't give in because of the people that voted for him, the people that voted for him -- the majority of the people in this nation -- understand that we need to be sovereign. we need a ball and this is the chance to get it done. >> we already have sections of the border with walls. gangs go over them, they tunnel underneath, they go around. drugs actually come right through the checkpoints. i want to hear from dhs and the people who are actually on the ground. above all, we've got to open the government, leland. you've got to open the government paid that's with the american people want. >> laura: live in washington with more on this. hi, kristen. >> hey, lori. it's day 11 of this partial government shutdown. it appears we are no close to a compromise. democrats are refusing to fund the president's border wall and the president is continuing to say that he won't sign off on any deal to reopen the government without wall funding. they put out their plan to open the government, and they intend to vote for it on thursday as soon as it to control the house. the plan calls for one year of funding for six of the seven
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agencies affected by this partial government shutdown, and funding through february 8th. for the department of homeland security. that includes $1.3 billion for border security, but not for awol. neither president trump nor senate majority leader mitch mcconnell have directly weighed in on the democrat proposal, but it is very unlikely that either would support it. because lindsey graham, who had lunch with the present a few days ago, said no wall funding is a nonstarter for him. they said the senate would not vote on the bill to open the government to lose 100% certain of the present will sign it. senator schumer says on twitter "it would be the height of irresponsibility and political cynicism for senate republicans to now reject the same legislation they supported two weeks ago." he is referring to a short-term spending bill that passed the senate by a vote. bottom line, at some point, for the government to reopen, one side is going to have to give. but which side is that going to be? it's still very uncertain.
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laura? >> laura: kristin fisher for us life. happy new year to you. it will be a busy one for your team down there in washington. see you soon. >> blake: meanwhile, president trump standing his ground sing he won't sign the bill that doesn't have new money for border security. democrats have been out of town, but he's been at the white house waiting to make a deal. >> i'm in washington, ready, willing, and able. i'm in the white house, i'm ready to go. they can come over right now. they could have come over anytime. i spent christmas in the white house. i spent new year's eve now in the white house. i'm here. i'm ready to go. it's very important. a lot of people are looking to get their paycheck. i'm ready to go anytime they want. >> blake: kevin corke is live at the white house with the very latest. happy new year, bud. >> happy new year, buddy. this shut down -- it's like needing to shovel the walk when it's been snowing a outside. you could wait for it to warm
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up, but that's not an effective strategy. this effectively with the white house is telling democrats. "you can try and wait out the president did see if he can give up on the $5 billion request for funding for the border wall, but that's not a smart strategy either because is not going to budge." i'm going to take you to twitter and unpack that a bit with one of the president 's many tweets today, blake. he said this. "the democrats, much as i suspected, have allocated no money for a new wall. so imagine it! the problem is, without a while there can be no real border security. and our country must finally have a strong and secure southern border!" yesterday, the president was here at the white house and the oval office, working to find a way for the white house and lawmakers on capitol hill to end the impasse which of course is affecting thousands of americans. as you can probably imagine, they are bringing to feel the pinch of not being paid at leasr the time being. those workers will eventually get paid once a sugar that is
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over. that said, the president's standing firm and he wants the american people to know why. >> we need, however, borders. you don't have borders, you don't have a country. we don't want drug traffickers or human traffickers or illegal people with criminal records to come in. our border patrol, our i.c.e. agents, our military -- we have done great. but you can never do it perfectly unless you have a wall. so we have to have a wall as part of border security. we are working on it. >> the president taking his message thereby video on twitter. meanwhile on capitol hill, the democrats say, as kristin fisher pointed out, they are said to take over the house this week. they are already proposing funding to end the shutdown, but the white house's remaining steadfast in its insistence, blake, that no matter what makes its way to the president's desk, a better include money for the border wall or new deal. he had this week, as well. i should just share this while we have a second. "the democrats would probably
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submit a bill, being cute as always, but gives everything away that nothing for border security prenamely the wall. you see, without the wall there can be no border security. the tag "stuff" is just, by comparison, meaningless bells and whistles." we don't expect to see the president today, blake. but he can be unpredictable as you know from your time hear each and every day next may. i'm holding a list for where you're over there in the studio but have a good day. >> i will see you tomorrow prelive in the white house. laura? >> laura: for more on all this, go to college in tort, contributor for expected usa. i was rude to have you on the program. happy new year to you. it's all in the year with all the drum of december with the partial government shutdown. we will ask you what you think. we have the news now there is word that house democrats plan to advance a package of six appropriation bills this week for the rest of the fiscal year. it seems like we are going to be going for it right away.
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>> yes, so much for fresh starts, right, laura? we are seeing more of the same. it's a bit of a clever gambit that the democrats are doing with this. so far they have been blaming president trump for the shutdow shutdown. with some support -- he did have that famous meeting with chuck schumer in nancy pelosi, in which he said he would be proud to shut down the government over the wall. i think what they are trying to do with this is add-on the entire republican party by splitting up the spending bills and getting all the government -- if they pass -- back to work. except for the department of homeland security, which is the department that would include the portable. by doing that, they are saying to republicans "put up or shut up." i think they are trying to get the blame not just to trump but to republicans as a whole. it's interesting strategy. i think they are thinking of the 2020 elections when they are doing it. will it work? i don't know.
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the republicans actually did unanimously in the senate support pretty much with the democrats have put on the table. or said they will put on the table when they get back in power in the house on thursday. >> laura: right pair i want to get your reaction to this joint statement released yesterday on new year's eve by democratic presumptive house leader nancy pelosi and senate majority leader chuck schumer. it reads, "if leader mcconnell and send it republicans refuse to support the first bill, they are complicit with president trump in continuing the trump shut down. and, in holding the health and safety of the american people and workers paychecks hostage over the wall." hostage is a strong word. under mcconnell, they won't pass legislation without support of the president, who has come of course, doesn't seem to be willing to budge on the issue. how can work out? >> laura: everybody is in a very difficult position right now. the president, senate republicans, senate democrats -- everybody. the democrats have a point. this is something that
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republicans did vote for at one point, changing their mind. a lot of his base, conservative base, want to the wall. he did mention that in every campaign rally. i would say, is saying they are complicit by not voting for the first bill they put up -- in the spirit of a new year, maybe have a resolution to work a little more together. negotiate a little bit more. would that be great? [laughter] republicans have come down. their first demand was $5.7 billion for a wall. they brought it down to $2.5 billion. now they are asking for just over 2 billion. the democrats haven't really moved from their 1.3 million -- billion dollars for border security without the ball. republicans, despite the fact that they do sort of own this shut down in a way after president trump's comments, they have been willing to move, to compromise. democrats haven't. i think part of it is because they think that donald trump
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owns the shut down. so they don't think they need to move. i think the american people would like to see more negotiation and more compromise here in the swamp, as they like to call it. >> laura: overall, how do you see the talks questioning things are getting dicey as we enter the new year with hundreds of government workers going without pay. taking a look at the counter, and the next paycheck on the 11th is in real jeopardy. people are talking about the automatic withdrawals they have for their mortgage and electric bill. this will get really tight really fast. >> you are right, and i think that's one reason we may start to see more movement. it was the friday before christmas eve on a monday. christmas day on a tuesday. federal government workers had that off, a lot of them had taken off for the holidays. this hadn't really -- they hadn't felt the effects quite so much. but now the holidays are over. a lot of workers are going to be -- their bank accounts have been drained for the holidays and they are back at work or not, as the case for most of
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them is. you will start to see more of those stories. i think the media is starting to cover some of these stories. he will hear about them a lot more. even president trump in the interview with fox news noted that some people do live paycheck to paycheck and they are going to be feeling that almost immediately this month. let's hope that something happens. you don't want to have nearly a million people worrying about how they're going to pay the mortgage and feed their childre children. >> laura: before i let you go, we looked at a reuters poll looking at who people blame for the partial government shutdown. over half of the polls say they believe the present, 30% point the finger at senate democrats. they also say congressional republicans. from our people it's the blame game. >> exactly. here in washington we are you still blame game. it's something that is never ending. for the shutdown, it's particularly big. it's what i'm hearing. i think that's one reason that the democrats, they like that.
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they want to see a little bit more blame for their fellow congressional members. other public inside. i think that's one reason you saw in that new year's each toby keith message, later independent more. he said that he would be happy to show the government down. since then, some of the advisors have told him that government shutdowns aren't always popular premium not want to take the blame for that. he's very good at saying a message and keeping that blame where they think it belongs. speech e we've got to leave it there. thank you for being with us as always. good to see. see you. happy new year. all right, blake. >> blake: fox news alert, this one from overseas were british police are treating a new year's eve stabbing attack as an act of terrorism after a man shouting "god is great" in arabic stabbed three people including a police sergeant. this was in manchester, at the railway station there. police arrested him on suspicion of attempted murder and conducted a search of his home.
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jacqui heinrich joins us with the very latest. what are police saying over there? >> police say they don't have any wider threat. of course this happened in the same city that 22 people were just killed and eight months ago at that early in a nearby concert. it has shaken the community. the celebrations at the victoria train station in manchester, police said they got a call about a man armed with a knife. officers tackled him but not before three people including an officer had been seriously hurt. the chief constable spoke today saying the attack has shaken that city after the suicide bombing at last year's ariana grande concert. this morning, they searched a nearby address where they believe the suspect had been living. they told me some say depressed that he shouted allah before the attack, but that has not been confirmed. >> blake: people from syria and afghanistan, what can you tell us about that? >> they say it was an intentional attack on
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foreigners. police say he plowed his car into a crowd early this morning i'm hurting four people there. he then sped off and tried to hit group of people waiting at a bus operator you didn't hit them, he was arrested. police say he made comments against foreigners while he was being taken in. all this happened in the same city where a tunisian man killed 12 people at a christmas market two years ago. he drove his truck into a crowd, and isis took responsibly that attack. >> these aren't the only text. what can you tell us about the latest in tokyo were nine people were hit by a car there? >> police in tokyo say that was intentional, as will. the car went into a crowd subbing the new year in hard you could. it was close to a shrine. police said the sign pointed to it being done on purpose. >> blake: jacqui heinrich, thanks. b2 senator elizabeth warren to bring into the race for 2020. the first major democrat to do so.
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other potential candidates, when can we expect them to throw their hats into the wing? probably soon. the infestation winding down with the final report expected soon. how the trump administration is preparing to fight back. >> might ultimatum is "put up or shut up." what do you have? if you don't have anything on collusion. by the way, if he did, it's not a crime. what the heck are you doing? ♪ hey, batter, batter, batter, batter.
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[ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do what you love. at comcast we know our customers' time is valuable. that's why we have 2-hour appointment windows, including nights and weekends. so you can do more of what you love. my name is tito, and i'm a tech-house manager at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ >> laura: in the white house and basically everyone else, they are anxiously awaiting special counsel robert mueller to wrap up his report on the russian investigation. a big court battle as possible before the final report sees the
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light of day. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge's life in washington. happy new year to you. what can you tell us on this, catherine? >> think you, and happy new year to you, as well, laura. based on reporting, we believe that the investigation is in its final stages. some media reporting suggesting that he could finalize his report and provide to the justice department as early as february. but his office does not comment publicly on his progress or the timeline. it's worth noting that the intelligence committee provided special counsel and investigators political operative roger stone's testimony. senior democrats suggested that the emails between stone there on the left and his associate jerome corsi are inconsistent with his statements to congress. mueller about stress investigators export whether the men had advance knowledge about the hacked emails with the clinton campaign, an allegation they denied. another outstanding question for the new year is whether mueller has been building an obstruction case against the president over
10:20 am
his firing of fbi director james comey and issues relating to him national security advisor mike flynn. on sunday, the incoming chairman of the senate judiciary committee was pressed on the president's choice to leave william barr, who wrote to the deputy attorney general last year stating an obstruction case would not be on sound legal footing. >> when you find an attorney general, it's pretty hard to obstruct judge and just as if you have unlimited ability to fire the attorney general. the consequences of obstruction of justice for personal decision -- having said that, he will need to defend his reasoning. i have a lot of confidence in mr. william barr. i think is a great choice. like any other citizen, he can offer his opinion pray that's what we have the hearings. he will be supported unless we hear something out of left field. >> laura: senator graham says his other order business will be the confirmation hearing for the
10:21 am
next attorney general. those decisions, that person's decisions, will dictate whether we see what is public in any of these investigation. laura? >> is going to be an interesting year. thank you so much. >> blake: allowed to talk about. joining us is the federal prosecutor. hi, john. >> happy new year from sunny florida! >> i'll be joining me there in a few days. [laughter] i want to start off with rudy giuliani in a couple trees he sent at the end of 2018, the last couple days. here's what he said. he started off by saying "i challenge mueller to put up or shut up." he ended that tweet by saying "it's been two years, submit a report to doj and we will answer it." his last tweet of 2018 reads in full, "i am looking forward to 2019 so we can end the mueller witch hunt before he starts his unpaid traffic ticket investigation. happy 2019 to all." >> pretty tough language. he is taking a very different approach.
10:22 am
>> what you make of the tough language? >> it's typical rudy. he sounds like the former prosecutor he is. he does raise a very significant point top, which is this -- mueller was charged with determining whether or not there was coordination between russian entities that were interfering in the election and the trump campaign. so far he is not established by way of indictment or at any cooperating witness, that there was that cooperation paid what he has done is brought an indictment relating to or interference, and that is clear in terms of certain russian entities and individuals that interfered in the election process. >> blake: i will get to that in a second, but you bring up what the investigation has yielded so far. remember, before rudy giuliani, the president's first batch of attorneys said they were expecting this to wrap up at the end of 2017, may be early 2018. here we are on the first day of 2019 and we have no further guidance, no further clarity
10:23 am
whatsoever, as to when this will wrap up. it could be a perfectly legitimate question to ask, do even know that this will wrap up in 2019? >> we don't. it's entirely in mueller's hands. the way the justice department procedure works is that the report goes to the attorney general, and then the attorney general decides how much of the report to make public. i suspect that mueller will not turn over a report until there is an actual attorney general appointed, and attorney general in place. he's not going to send it to the acting attorney general. >> blake: matt whitaker, because he replaced jeff sessions and now william barr is awaiting confirmation. this could be several months, because he has got to go through cover mission process. >> i agree. i think we are many months away from the release. don't forget, he has to really provide a very comprehensive report. plus, there is going to be numerous national security issues, because much of what mueller organized and was able to obtain came from national security sources. all of that is going to be kept
10:24 am
under wraps. >> you talked about the interference campaign that the mueller team, the special counsel, came out with with indictments. i want to show you the running list of what the mueller special counsel has led to. 5 former trump advisors or associates have pled guilty. 26 russian nationals have been charged, essentially, for interference, along with return russian companies. we still await the big question, the whole basis for why this was started. when you see that graphic and you see with what the russian doll mike miller to must come up with so far, the question is, has his investigation so far been worth it? >> it's been very impressive in terms of what mueller believes is evidence of russian interference, in terms of these entities, these fake entities, and individuals that were participating in the campaign. which is illegal, there is no question about that. he has put together a powerful indictment and a powerful case. but the second part of what he
10:25 am
has been charged with is determining whether or not there was a coordination between the campaign and these russian entities. thus far he has not provided linkage between the two. that's what giuliani is getting at. he threw it down, he said "show us what you have. so far you haven't demonstrated that you have established that kind of linkage." >> blake: as catherine herridge reported, there's the obstruction of justice he's looking into, as well. that's a whole different thing. >> it's a different area, and some legal experts including the new attorney general will leave that you can't prosecute a president criminally for making executive decisions like firing the head of the fbi or nag. but it can be an impeachable offense. >> blake: john morrow, enjoy the sunshine down there >> laura: week of a changing of the guard of the pentagon paid defense secretary james mattis officially stepping down as acting defense secretary. patrick shanahan takes over
10:26 am
details on that transfer, next next. president trump slowing down his timetable for withdrawing u.s. troops from syria. what this means for our mission in the war-torn country. >> we promised to destroy isis, he's going to keep that promise. we are not there yet. as i sit today, we are inside the 10-yard line. ♪ your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small
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10:30 am
ceremony. heat transferred it to patrick shanahan over the phone. in his first message, shanahan told him "as acting secretary of defense i now look forward to working with president trump to carry out his vision, alongside strong leaders including the service secretaries, the joint chiefs of staff, the combatant commanders, and senior personnel in the office of the secretary of defense." officials say one of the biggest threats he faces is china, who celebrated 2019 with a flag racing into in tiananmen squar. including the launch of a new type of ballistic missile from a submarine in november. experts say the u.s. must spend more on defense to keep pace. the author of a blockbuster report issued late last year says americans reached the point of a full-blown national security crisis. losing to china or russia in a war. >> the pentagon would need would be treading water for got a $700 billion for even the
10:31 am
$733 billion to advance what the strategy calls for, and they need to get that number. >> in his annual new year's annual new year's day aggress, north korean leader kim john said his resolve for complete denuclearization remains unchanged, and welcome the opportunity to meet president trump a second time. he urged the u.s. and south korea to continue spending on joint military exercise, something patrick shanahan will have to decide in the coming months. while he starts the day as acting defense secretary, he makes his first public appearance here tomorrow when he shows up for work. blake? >> blake: lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon. lucas, thanks. >> laura: president trump is said to be reconsidering his timeline for bringing troops home from serious "the new york times" reporting to the commander in chief has agreed to give the military for months to pull the 2,000 service men and women stationed there. this comes after his surprise announcement triggered some
10:32 am
pretty sharp chris is in prelive in washington with the latest on this one, that's kind of a change, rich. >> yeah, laura. president trump said he is slowly withdrawing the forces from syria and denies is a ration is rushing up. although the president stresses he is fulfilling a promise and removing the troops. >> we have other bases in the general area. we have one in iraq. nobody said anything about that. fighting these endless wars, i campaigned in getting out of the endless wars. frankly, i have done more than i said. not only did i and am i able to get out, but i have also won. >> his decision last month to withdraw the forces from syria drew strong criticism from many in congress, particularly republicans. opponents claim a u.s. withdrawal would leave syria to the remnants of isis. the assad regime, russia, and iran. it also exposes kurdish forces to an attack from turkey. the turkish government says those kurdish fighters are terrorists. for the u.s., they have been a
10:33 am
reliable ally in the fight against isis in syria. lindsey graham efforts criticize president trump's syria announcement, but this week and he met with the president at the white house. he says after speaking with him he feels a lot better about the administration of asterisk plans. he said the u.s. withdrawal from syria is in a pause situation, and he later tweeted "the president will make sure any withdrawal from syria will be done in a fashion to ensure isis is primly destroyed, iran doesn't fill in the back end, and our kurdish allies are protected." the administration says will continue coordinate it with allies in the region. mike pompeo had a meeting today with the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu. they discuss confronting iran. they also said the national security advisor john bolton will soon travel to israel and turkey for discussions about the u.s. withdrawal. laura? >> laura: rich in washington, think you. >> blake: for more, we bring in a christian.
10:34 am
he's a former state farm and advisor in the tribe and bush 43 administration prehi it, christian. >> hi it, blake. one of the things i found interesting from the phone call with pete hegseth's when he was talking about isis. he said we have almost eradicated all of them. we have largely eradicated isis, and then he also said "i've won." what is it? are they eradicated, have we won, is that it termination of both? what's the reality? >> it was never put down in black and white. basically destroying isis. they have an overt military that holds territory. that is a political force within syria. that has been achieved. that is gone. i think the president has become sensitive to the fact that there are still remnants. they will be for a long time, and other parts there are jihadists there. we will try and be there for the rest of our lives.
10:35 am
the general big picture of defeating this is a significant force that at one point occupied large parts of syria and iraq, that is accomplished. >> blake: you mentioned that, i'm glad you brought it up. the commander in chief noted the other day that we still have troops there, and should anything happen in syria, those troops can get in there quickly and take care of the job. is that the case? >> we have about 5,000 troops there. it will always be a discussion with the iraqis. i believe the agreement allows us to a fair amount of latitud. they are fine with us to the feeding isis for the income but with that done, the affirmations that people have suggested for keeping forces in the region -- we have a strong ally in jordan, we have a significant navy that can operate from the mediterranee. if it becomes necessary to go back into syria, i think we have options to do so. >> blake: lindsey graham made news over the last few days because he was at the white house, had lunch with the president. he was a very staunch critic of the present earlier this month,
10:36 am
but he seems to have done a 180. i want you to listen to him earlier this month and over the weekend of the white house. >> i sure his goal to withdraw the forces from syria. i just want to do it in the smart way. make sure that iran is not the big winner. the goal has always been the same. to make sure isis never comes back. our partners are taking care of, iran is contained, i think that's possible. it will take a little longer than anybody thought. we hope it will get there. >> blake: that was him from the other day. what do you think it makes lindsey graham all the sudden few more comfortable with the president's decision? is it the president saying that things are going to go slowly, and maybe this might take a few months and not a few days or weeks when you talk about withdrawal? >> that's right, it's a pretty startling when 80 from the senate passed risk for most interventionist. i think the idea that we aren't going to run away, that not only will we withdraw slowly over four months but still presumably have a relationship with those we worked with, at least successfully, and syria --
10:37 am
including the kurds. one wonders if we will provide covert support or some overt arm support while they negotiated political sediment with assad, who has for the most part won the war. my guess is that the realization that we are still very interested in containing iran, confronting them in the region, would you just don't do in syria. you do it elsewhere. and linkage is to our partners. >> blake: kim jeong, moving over to north korea, he had a fireside chat if you want to call it that last night. as he headed into the new year. speaking to the north korean people and essentially to the world, he said he wants it to happen. he added but of qualifications as well. this was one of them. "however, if united states does not keep its promise in our international community and misrepresents our patients and intention and continues with the sanctions, then we have no choice for the sake of our
10:38 am
national interests and peace of the korean pill and peninsula to come up with new initiatives." does not a few nights is going to do, right? >> that's right. the big question is, when you have the singapore summit, there was a meeting of minds between trump and kim to achieve disarmament. there wasn't an agreement, they didn't get into the details of how you achieve that. who goes first. do we have economic aid perhaps from south korea? because north korea has swindled us two times before. >> blake: has the ball move forward at all cost market makes the argument that mrs. aren't flying. that the korean peninsula isn't safe. that they aren't having to deal. they have moved an inch. what he said last night validates it. which one is it? >> both can be true. this is better situation that has been in a long time, because
10:39 am
you don't have nuclear testing. they have taken a number of steps. they disabled a missile construction facility, nuclear test test facility. however, there has not been any real progress since they met on specific working groups. that's my understanding. the actual mechanics of disarmament, that will be bigger deal than disarmingly libya. including spent nuclear waste from north korea. it's a shame that hasn't happened, but it does look like it's leading toward another summit. hopefully they can get into those details and agree on a sequence. >> blake: you mentioned libya, as we know, north korea does not like to hear about the libyan model. we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thanks, blake. >> blake: laura? >> laura: pope francis pays tribute to to a mothers in his mass. holding it to st. peter's basilica to formally open 2019,
10:40 am
as they allow themselves to be led again as children are led by their mothers. the new year follows a tough 2018 for the pope. it started with the explosion of the global sex abuse scandal and ended with the sudden departure of the vatican spokesperson and deputy. blake? >> blake: coming up, a new year's eve ritual goes horribly wrong. it wasn't fireworks that started this. we will show you how this all began. plus, the 2020 white house race started to take shape. elizabeth warranting the first step for a presidential run. who else will be announcing? and by who, we mean how many dozen? could be few. our political panel weighs in on all of this next print i hope you're having a great january 1st. >> we have to get out there and be clear about what we are fighting for, and then we've got to show we are willing to fight for it. it's not enough just to talk the talk. we've actually got to be willing to get out and walk the walk. ♪ i knew about the tremors.
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10:44 am
>> blake: i hope your party didn't look like this one last night. getting too hot to handle. that is a beach bonfire that burned out of control when the wind picked up. it was part of an annual celebration in the netherlands where folks pile up wooden pallets and set them on fire. when i gets out of control that's what happens. firefighters spent all night they're putting out small fires as burning embers rained down on a nearby town the extent of that damage still unclear, and authorities have launched an investigation. >> i never thought i would run for anything ever in my life. america's middle class is getting hollowed out. opportunity for too many of our young people is shrinking. so, i am in this fight all the way. i am going to build a grassroots campaign. it's all ready. i've got people from all across
10:45 am
this country who are going to be part of it, and together we are going to make change. >> laura: there you have a come of the most prominent democrat so far, senator elizabeth warren, taking the first official step toward a presidential run is the 2020 white house race starts to shape up. happy new year! speculation also swirling about the ambition of former vice president joe biden, senator bernie sanders, and congressman beto o'rourke. let's bring in the political panel, and kick this around. eric beach, republican strategist, and democratic strategists and former obama campaign regional field director. welcome to you both and happy new year. we will take a nice deep breath after we get into this. i will start with you, robin. with senator elizabeth warren starting the new year off making this unexpected news, announcing her committee, what do you see happening next for other possible democratic contenders for 2020? right now there are dozens and dozens of democrats said to be thinking about a presidential bid. not all of them big names, but
10:46 am
still, that's a lot. >> in fact, ballotpedia had their list of 47 potential candidates, which is insane. we thought it was a lot when donald trump was in the primary with 16 other candidates, but we are looking at going to iowa with probably over 20. the best move for these people is to see how they can stand out. for trump, then-candidate trump, it was by being the loudest in the room. you see some people like kamala harris taking that approach. senator warren kind of takes that approach. i think the best way that they can possibly stand out from the pack is by going ahead and announcing who they their potential running mates may be. say, for instance, a biden-beto ticket would be exciting for my base because it would be a lot of progresses. or maybe a female candidate. >> laura: era, obviously a lot
10:47 am
has changed in 2016. we all are member of the debates up to election day. with a look like without large playing field that they just mentioned. if you want to get your calendar out and ready, what's coming for the debates. one in june, july, september, october, november, and december. the playing field is going to look and feel very different than the last one, and what some people look at the list of possible contenders to trump, they see that there are chances for some democrats teaming up. like our friend just mentioned, like vice president joe biden and beto o'rourke. what you think of that move? >> they have to do something. they don't have a message to the middle class. i would have been afraid of the 2016 elizabeth warren, but the democratic party has changed since then. they are the party that wants to intervene in foreign countries and go to war and keep our troops overseas. they are the ones i care about more policies of illegal immigrants than they do about their own citizens. in many of these certain states
10:48 am
pray they also have moved up their campaign calendar, in places like california and texas, that will help somebody like kamala harris or beto o'rourke in the primary. this is going to be a plenty primary for the democrats. regardless of whoever comes out with it, what's the message to the middle class? they have lost that message and that ground. i think there is only a few candidates on the democratic side to understand how to communicate to the middle class. >> laura: robin, i want to talk about vermont senator bernie sanders. he had such a notable support from young voters and many others in 2016. the many reports have been mentioning somewhat of a struggle for him to retain the support he had two years ago, the voters are looking for fresh names, fresh ideas, and some fresh faces. it sounds like we are going to get a lot of that when you talk about 47 people here. what you make of sanders with all this? >> that is someone i have learned to never underestimate. but, the fact is, there are new names that are peeling away some
10:49 am
of his support. specifically, beto o'rourke and senator warren. those are both people that would peel away some of his support. that's just a fact. the other factors that my party loves a new fresh face. somebody that doesn't have any baggage, like beto o'rourke. i once considered him a dark horse. now i think he has actually got a chance. it will have to depend on his messaging as much of a panel is just mentioned. >> laura: possible candidates already out there talking about middle-class families. we are hearing that a lot already. health care job creation, and of course, border security. we'll have to strike this balance talking about these issues and whether or not they choose to jump in on the fights of the day in washington. what's the best strategy to take on that customer class answer here. >> again, their hatred of president trump has overcome their ability to communicate their message. they have no message to the middle class. i think robin is right -- they might need to team up in the
10:50 am
primary and signaled to the american people that there is a combination. the problem is, again, there is a war within the party. they don't know how to overcome that word. there is a lack of leadership, a lack of any one of the top of that party that says "hey, this is the way we are going to move things forward." they have spent two years talking about what they are against and zero years talking about what they are for. again, that will repeat itself in 2020. we look forward to the debate. >> laura: we've got to leave it right there. happy new year to you both. thanks for being with us. >> blake: the new year brings in new laws, including minimum wage hikes and more than a dozen states. some are little more controversial than others. we will take a closer look next. ♪ there's little rest for a single dad,
10:51 am
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>> laura: here is some fun news -- lottery players have another crack at winning big. let's do this! tonight's mega millions jackpot not up to $425 million, making it the eighth largest in megamillion history. the odds of managing all numbers -- this is the part we hate, right -- it's one in millions. there is still an unclaimed $1.5 billion mega millions jackpot. that ticket was sold back in october at a south carolina store. is that you? check your ticket! hurry! >> blake: not us, we are still here. [laughter] meanwhile, rules and regulations going into effect nationwide with the start of 2019. they include a landmark law in california requiring pet shops only sell animals from shelters and nonprofit groups. marianne rafferty's life in los angeles with a look at some of the new laws. hi, marianne. >> hi, blake. that new law pertains to cats, dogs, and rabbits. it's not the only change for our
10:55 am
furry friends in the state. pets here are now legally and officially part of the family. they are subject to custody battles just like children. in at least 20 states across the country, plus the district of columbia, the minimum wage is increasing. even as the federal minimum has remained at $7.25 since 2009. a law for shopping online could cost you more in 2019, at least six states never acquiring taxes on purchases from out-of-state retailers. other new laws aimed to curb addiction -- in new york, pharmacies can no longer sell cigarettes and so so-called "give back" law requires them to take back unused opioids. in utah, a new threshold for drunk driving paired the limit drop to 0.05%, marking the strictest deal why you i law in the country. >> it's going to reduce the number of crashes, injuries, and deaths. >> is going to affect her
10:56 am
response will triggers. that means they will be taking lyft, $30 added to their night out, they will go out less often. >> laura: back in california, a ban on the use of nondisclosure agreements to settle discrimination based on or sexual assault, those go into effect as well. those ndas have long been thought to play a role in silencing victims. >> blake: live in los angeles. thanks. >> laura: americans are starting to feel the effects of the ongoing government shutdown, especially at our nation's parks were thousands of vitek to visitors are spending holiday breaks. a closer look at the top of the hour. ♪ are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it.
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tap one little bumper and up go your rates. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? news flash: nobody's perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> it's a fox news alert as the partial government shutdown extends to 2019. as democrats are out with a plan
11:00 am
to reopen the government, but it does not include any money for president trump's border wall. hi, everyone. i'm laura ingle. welcome to a new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> senate republicans call it a nonstarter and the president not budging when it comes to the border wall. >> i spent christmas in the white house, spent new year's eve in the white house. i'm here. i'm ready to go. it's very important to a lot of people looking to get their paycheck. so i'm ready to go any time they want. no, we're not giving up. we have to have border security and the wall is a big part of it. the biggest part. >> president trump at the white house and so is kevin corke. one of the big questions going forward, is the president willing to compromise? >> that's the $64,000 question. i can tell you this, senior administration officials spoke to me and he said listen, the president is content to ride
11:01 am
this out. to him this is about the safety and security of the american people. i just read a report on politco that suggests the president has invited leaders to the white house wednesday for a border wall meeting. we'll try to confirm that. when i get information, i'll pass it along. let's go to twitter to see what the president has been saying about this topic all day long. can i just say all year long? i can now. he said this. it's incredible how the democrats can say a wall doesn't work. it does. properly built, almost 100%. it's old technology but so is the wheel. now say its immoral. it's far more immoral for people to be dying. so as the shutdown approaches now the two-week mark, the president is reminding the american people what is at stake here. he's holding the line for border security and that includes a
11:02 am
wall. >> the wall is the only way to do it. technology, nobody knows more than technology about me. they're the bells and whistles on the wall. if you don't have the wall, people will come in. my border patrol do a fantastic job. they need the backup of the wall. they want it more than anybody. >> meantime, the president will be here at the ready willing to move forward. that is, of course, as long as he can meet his obligation to protect the american people. to him, that means $5 billion for a border wall, blake. >> that's the president's position. what is the strategy for democrats? >> yeah, a couple things. they're going to try to get the government moving again. as you pointed out throughout the day, they're going to take over the house, democrats thursday, and they want to get things funded and get the government moving in the right direction, which is to say a temporary funding measure. it's complicated a little bit. this continuing resolution would
11:03 am
effectively fund some parts of the government. we're already dealing with a partial government shutdown. it's still more complicated than that. nancy pelosi has announced that she and her colleagues would like to reopen the government. they say that will only happen if the funding that they can secure does not include funding for a wall. let me break this down for you just a bit to explain it for the people that aren't awash in this and not sure how this works. democrats, blake, have unveiled a short term spending bill known as a c.r. it would fund the department of homeland security until february 8. separately they hope to pass six remaining government spending bills that would pass new funding for those agencies for the rest of the fiscal year, which ends september 30th. as you point out, senators on the gop said so it's a nonstarter. we'll see how things pan out, especially if tomorrow there's a meeting here at the white house. for now, back to you. >> away we go in 2019.
11:04 am
>> okay. with more on this, let's bring in david jackson who covers the white house for u.s.a. today. david, thanks for being here. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> we've heard about the democrat's passing a proposal to fund a 1/4 of the government and the republicans will reject it because it won't include funding for the border wall. the president tweeted this. much as i suspected, i've allocated -- they have allocated no money for a new wall. so imaginative. the problem is without a wall, there's no real border security and our country must finally have strong and secure southern border. so david? how can anyone hope this is going to end soon? it's not looking good. how do you see it? >> i agree. it's not looking good. we're looking at weeks and maybe longer because there's an impass
11:05 am
here. president trump send out his rejection notice this morning pointing out it doesn't contain any money whatsoever for a wall. president trump is looking for more than $5 billion for a wall. it's a big gap. doesn't look like they will bridge it soon. >> when we take a look at the joint statement released by nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer, this is what it reads. if leader mcconnell and senate republicans refuse to support the first bill, they're complicit with president trump in continuing the trump shutdown and in holding the health and safety of the american people and workers paychecks hostage over the wall. it would be the height of irresponsibility and political cynicism for senate republicans to now reject the same legislation they have already supported. so when you look at that joint statement coming on the heels of what the president is tweeting, what do you make of it? >> i think it looks like a power play from the house democrats. the new congress convenes
11:06 am
thursday. the democrats take over and they want to assure they're doing something and show they're trying to open the government and it's the president's fault. it's a political exercise but the new democratic majority in the house. >> the departments and agencies that have been shut down are running out of resources to get workers their pay by the middle of the month. some agencies are sending out letters on how to negotiate with landlords and banks and electric companies through the shut down. saying you can offer to do chores. that's not how anybody wants to start the new year. with all of that in mind, talking about the hundreds of thousands of people that won't get that paycheck possibly, it almost seems like that is such a big part of this. you would hope that everyone would come together to get this resolved. >> very much so. people will increasingly feel the impact of the shutdown. i think it's 380,000 people that have been laid off or furloughed. we have more than 400,000
11:07 am
employees working without pay because they're considered essential workers. they're feeling a pinch. people that are not government workers are realize what happens with the shut down. the parks. there's no maintenance. the smithsonian will shut down the museums starting tomorrow. so it's going to become more and more apparent what it means in the days ahead. >> i was reading this. i'm sure you've seen it. many reports, national parks are being trashed. it's disgusting. human waste building up, animal waste building up, trash cans overflowing. people are going in the park, doing whatever they want, letting their dogs run off the leash, scattering garbage where there's a lot of wildlife. you think about the bears. all the things in these parks that we know is a huge problem because there's no one there to manage them. when you hear about the partial shut down, you say it's not a big deal. it's a huge deal. some people were spotted
11:08 am
springing christmas lights around the historic branches. those trees are hundreds of years old. you look down the line at the list of things being affected. i guess everybody just wants a solution. they want to hear how it will end. if you look into your crystal ball, can you see an end in sight? >> not right now. the parks are the most visible symbol. when it will end, we don't know. the president is holding out for more than $5 billion. some democrats don't want to give him any money. it's a big gap. looks like we'll have some meetings between congressional leaders and the president later this week. seems like they're a long way from any kind of agreement. >> thanks, david. we know you have a lot ahead of you and reporting for the paper and look forward to hearing from you in the new year. thank you. >> thank you. >> the brother of an american citizen arrested in russia arrested on espionage charges.
11:09 am
paul weeland was arrested friday. the state department said they got formal notification of his arrest. david, what is going on here? >> hi, blake. a lot going on here. kremlin officials are not backing away from their claim that paul weeland is being detained for spying. his family is pleading to get him home safely. 48-year-old weeland, a retired marine. he was in russia for a wedding, not any kind of espionage operation. we know that russian authorities took him into custody friday. a state department spoke person said the russian ministry of foreign affairs has formally notified the u.s. of his detention and international law grants american officials to have access to him. they expect that russia will allow it to happen. his brother and other family
11:10 am
members say this entire situation really is a complete misunderstanding and they just want paul home. >> he had a request from a friend and he thought he could help out because he had been to russia and could help other americans from the family that hadn't been to russia to, you know, navigate around, get on the metro. he's a very kind person. >> two weeks ago, a russian citizen pleaded guilty in the u.s. for spying. he's a political prisoner of the u.s. in his annual news conference, vladimir putin denied butina was following instructions from the russian government. putin says that the government would not arrest people in exchange for others.
11:11 am
state department officials continue to work on paul wheland's release. the news agency says he could face between 10 and 20 years if convicted on this charge, blake. >> you have to wonder if this is a tit for tat. thanks, david. north korean leader kim jong-un out with his annual new year's address. this year it's aimed directly at president trump. the dictator's message coming up. elizabeth warren setting her sights on the white house saying she's ready for battle. >> i think when we fight for something positive, for something big, when we show what democrats will get out there and make happen, i think that's how we win. to help mrs. tyler reach her health goals! i'm in! but first... shelfie! the great-tasting nutrition of ensure.
11:12 am
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11:15 am
>> this message from north korea with kim jong-un saying he's willing to meet with president trump any time, however there are some conditions. rich edson is live in washington. rich, happy new year. >> in his annual message, blake, kim jong-un says he's committed to the initiatives that he agreed to in 2018 and will work to create outcomes welcomed by the international community. though kim warns he wants the united states and its allies to lift sanctions against north korea. >> if the united states continues to break its promises and misjudges by unilaterally to demand certain things and continue sanctions, we may have to seek another way to protect our country's sovereignty. >> and russian and china are
11:16 am
also wanting to relax sanctions against the kim regime. the trump administration and u.s. allies say they refuse to lift sanctions until they dismantle their nuclear program. kim jong-un broadly agreed to denuclearization. the specifics of how to accomplish it and what it means is unclear. tensions between north korea and u.s. allies has relaxed after a 2018 of extraordinary meetings and engagements with the north. in 2018, kim launched no ballistic missiles and tested no nuclear bombs. the u.s. and south korea have suspended military operations. south korea says kim sent a letter to president moon promising to hold more summits between the two koreas this year. analysts say satellite images shows north korea continues to work on their missile program.
11:17 am
the state department says talks are progressing, but there's no evidence that kim is dismantling. in november, north korea cancelled a meeting with secretary of state mike pompeo. president trump tweeted that he was meeting with his north korea team, that they were making progress and he's looking for toward to his next summit in 2019. >> you have to wonder if it will her and where it will happen. rich edson, live in washington. thanks. >> the freshmen are coming. have you heard? a new class of lawmakers will be sworn in this week when congress reconvenes. among them, young women who showed even before their elections that they're not afraid to shake things up. joining me, kelsey harkness from the daily signal and van
11:18 am
kissell. welcome to you both. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. kelsey, want to start with you. let's talk about the incoming freshmen. as we mentioned, there's several young liberal rising stars. one of the great unknowns as we start the new year will be if and how much they can change washington. >> i think the question of whether this incoming freshman class can change washington is an interesting one. because usually i'd be cynical and say absolutely not. it's going to be business as usual. there's something different, especially among the democrats. you can see a lot of motivation. you can see they're outspoken and not necessarily going to get in line with nancy pelosi when she tells them what messages to be out there promoting. somebody like alexandria ocasio-cortez is out there with a platform that all democrats will be able to unite around. it's going to be different this year than others.
11:19 am
it's also important to remember that the government was set up to not allow change. in fact, it's difficult to pass legislation. so perhaps it won't be so different after all. >> ben, when you look down the calendar and 2019, more announcements for though that will throw their hat into the ring. you have the healthcare issue, jobs, border security. what is the big message that needs to be out there? what are you waiting to hear? >> that's the exciting thing about campaigns. we are going to have a real diverse group of individuals running for the democratic nominee. whether it's a michael bloomberg type who has different ideas of wall street rather than a elizabeth warren, this is a good thing for the democratic party. one of the stories that has not been covered enough, when it comes to the 66 seats that the democrats won in the mid-terms, only 25 of those seats went to so-called progressive candidates
11:20 am
like the four mentioned, alexandria ocasio-cortez. for every one of those progressives, there's the collin alred. there's 41 more moderate democrats, over 20 democrats ran in districts that donald trump won. so the democratic party right now, when people talk about saying they say where is the leadership? hey, that's why we have elections. that's why we have campaigns and i think they're in a really good spot right now. >> you make some good points right now. i want you to bounce off of what ben just said. >> when we look at the race for 2020 among the democrats, they certainly do have a deep diverse field. i think what is important for republicans to keep in mind and message on is the fact that this is really a competition among the left of who can call for the most free stuff without repelling too many moderate voters.
11:21 am
we need to keep in mind that who becomes the frontrunner, the policies that democrats are calling for are very progressive and far left and harmful for all americans. >> let me say this when it comes to the free stuff idea. i don't think there's anything wrong with a teacher saying he or she shouldn't have to pay for their own school supplies. the average salary is $57,000 a year. nurses $67,000 a year. there's something wrong with our system when teachers have to in some cases apply for food stamps and government assistance. it's not the nation we should live in and that doesn't make you far left if you want to have fair wages for people that take care of our children. >> i want to ask you both. it's tuesday right now. kind of still feels like the weekend. the big news of the week so far is that we have the announcement from massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. we're hearing today that she will make her first trip to iowa
11:22 am
this weekend as a potential 2020 candidate. she reportedly has four events on the books looking at her calendar now. here's what warren had to say yesterday. let's listen. >> i run for office because i'm grateful down to my toes for the opportunities that were given to me and i'm determined that we will give those same opportunities not just to some of our kids but to all of our kids. >> so how much will this help her in getting out in front like this? she's the first to come out. >> i think she came out -- it's interesting timing obviously coming out before 2019. i think she wanted to control the news cycle for as long as possible. there could be almost 50 candidates in the race. so it's going to be tough to get any attention whatsoever. so that's probably why she came out so early. also try to reshift the narrative of some of the political mistakes from her past. >> kelsey, last word.
11:23 am
>> elizabeth warren came out because she has a small chance of winning. it's a deep field and i think she has a tough road ahead of her. >> thanks, kelsey, ben. happy new >> happy new >> happy new year. >> thanks. >> as the house gets ready to swear in the 100 new members this week, one of the best in the biz is tracking them all. our chad pergram. >> as a kid, i used to collect these. pouring over the names and faces for hours, memorizing entire rosters. the cincinnati reds, the new york mets, the baltimore orioles. we don't have congress cards on capitol hill. but perhaps we should. after every election, i cram studying pictures and bios trying to learn about the freshmen class. it's not easy. everyone recognizes north democrat alexandria ocasio-cortez. who can pick out west virginia republican carol miller? or if you're really good, know
11:24 am
that milkle san nicholas from guam. some freshmen are better known than others. look familiar? that's greg pence, brother to vice president mike pence. or how about florida democrat donna shalala? she served eight years as president clinton's health and human services secretary. can anybody master the names and faces of the house? >> i'm not sure i know all 435 faces. i know the democrats because ideal with them regularly. there's some republicans get up and speak that don't speak often and i say who is that? so you know, it takes time. it's like being in a high school with 500 people, 430 people. it takes you time to learn who they are and you only do it really by association. >> new york democrat joe morelli is a freshman. he has an edge when it comes to
11:25 am
knowing names. he won a special election. >> i have a cheat sheet on my desk, a book of the pictures and names. i'm trying to say hello to a group of people each day, learn something about them that triggers things in my mind that will be helpful in working together. >> this is the house freshman directory from 2014. lined up are mike bost of illinois, david young of iowa. >> i'm the best looking and always smiling. >> it's easier to tell them apart when you see them in important. blum is tall. and poliquin is shorter. >> i campaigned with them. i'm in fund raisers with them. i'm knocking on doors. so i get to know them. it's a chore for members that don't do that kind of campaign with them.
11:26 am
>> still, freshmen like most freshmen are sometimes afterthoughts. either in high school or in congress. >> this 435, someone was joking with me. he was a senior member of the house. he said i don't try to get to know names until they win their second term. so maybe he will -- maybe some people will learn who i am now that i won my re-election. >> learning more than 90 new house members is easy compared to the challenge posed in 1895. that year voters sent a record 178 freshmen to washington, the largest freshmen class of all time. chad pergram, fox news. >> chad, thank you. with a 5-year-old at home that loves baseball trading cards. congressional cards could work. a string of suspected terror attacks. where they unfolded. and one of the strongest critics of the president's decision to
11:27 am
draw troops from syria now seems to be changing his position. why? and what we're learning about the president's plan now. with all that usaa offers
11:28 am
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> the immediate u.s. troop withdrawal in syria may not be so immediate. with word of a new timetable for the pull out. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon. lucas, jim mattis resigned over the president's decision to pull out of syria. now we're hearing that president trump wants to stay for four more months. what is happening? >> laura, the president has slowed the withdrawal. he spoke to fox news just before the ball dropped on 2019. >> i never said that i'm going to rush out. we're going to get out, getting out of syria, bringing our young
11:31 am
great troops home after so many years. >> on a visit to brazil's capitol for the inauguration of the new president, secretary of state mike pompeo spoke to benjamin netanyahu. he said the u.s. would work closely with israel to counter iran, even after all 2000 troops are out of syria. >> the decision the president made on syria in no way changes anything this administration is working on alongside israel. >> last week, israeli jets bombs a weapons facility. >> is there concern over the proliferation of weapons on the battlefield in syria? that's a huge concern. >> one of the biggest issues facing patrick shanahan are all the weapons given to kurdish fighters in syria, allies of the united states in the war against isis. the call for years, the u.s. military has been supplying a
11:32 am
kurdish malitia. in the spring of 2017, u.s. military supplied the allies with heavy machine guns, anti-tank weapons and other arms to carry out the final assault on raqqa, syria. this was done over objections from nato allies turkey who considers this kurdish lead malitia to be a terrorist organization because they killed thousands in turkey over the past decades. it's not clear if the u.s. can ever recover all the weapons even if it wanted to even after isis defeated. general joe dunford will travel to turkey in the coming days. expect this issue to be at the top of the agenda. laura? >> thanks, lucas. >> let's bring in benjamin freedman at defense priorities. hi, benjamin. >> hi. >> i want to get your thoughts on what the president is saying with all of this. play a clip here of his phone
11:33 am
call yesterday. listen here. >> isis was all over the plate when i took over. it was a total mess in syria. we've almost eradicated all of them. we think all of them will be gone by the time we get out. we're heading back and we're also fighting. you can do two things at once. >> the president says we've almost eradicated them but he's said we won. what is it? could it be both as one of our guests last hours believes? >> we're as close to victory as we can reasonably be. i don't think it's possible to have them completely eliminated to the extend that nobody in syria supports isis or does something in its name. even when we go, there's plenty of other people in syria starting with the assad regime that are not big fans of isis and will go after them. >> that's the criticism here, right? there will be a vacuum left unfilled that the u.s. created,
11:34 am
republicans were very critical of president obama getting out of the middle east and now many including republicans are saying why are we getting out of this very volatile region? >> i think getting out of that very volatile region is an excellent idea. you look at the last 15 years of foreign policy with forces in that region, it's not been a happy history. that's the right direction to go. i think the four months, the extension helps us cut a deal or push for a deal between the kurds and the assad regime, which the kurds want, which would allow them to be defended from the turks. >> no word on potentially handing this over to russia to deal with inside syria? >> i don't think it's a big favor to russia to give them a civil war to manage. so i think there are concerns about the way russia will handle things. i think it's a better deal for the united states not to be there in the middle of the sectarian civil war at the end
11:35 am
of the day. >> you talked about a four-month withdrawal. lindsey graham, senator from south carolina was one of the biggest critics of the president's decision when he announced the troops would come home. there's a bit of a reversal over the weekend. watch here. >> one thing i can assure everybody is that the kurds are at risk. our american personnel on the ground, aid workers and diplomats are at risk. we're going to be seen as having abandoning an ally. good luck getting somebody to help you in the future. iran will be really happy. >> he told me some things that i didn't know that make me feel better about where we're headed in syria. he promised to destroy isis. he's going to keep that promise. we're not there yet. as i said today, we're inside the 10 yard line. >> what do you think made lindsey graham feel better that he heard inside that meeting with president trump? >> maybe it's the four month extension. i don't know. senator graham has a bit of
11:36 am
history of going back and forth on his relationship with trump. he changed his -- the manner more than his actual position, which he still supports the war as he always does, senator graham. so i think it's not a huge deal what senator graham says about this. >> is the four months long enough? to get potentially 2,000 troops out of there and get them out of there safely. is that timetable long enough? >> i believe it is. the military commanders have said they can do it in a few months and they can do it faster if they had to. we also need to be aware there's considerable risks of having them there. there's risks of getting into a fight with russians. we were told by the envoy that we've had firefights with russian forces more than once. very concerning. could lead to a horrible escalation. we don't want to get into a war with iran. i don't. getting the forces out of there has big benefits for our safety.
11:37 am
>> you mentioned russia. let's go to a storey that has been developing. an american citizen believed to be paul wheland detained in russia. he's brother, david wheland said he was there in moscow for a wedding. the russians say that he was essentially a spy and now he faces upward of a decade behind bars in russia. what is going on here? what is your read? >> it's hard to say intelligent thing about it given the lack of information. there's speculation in the press that he has been detained as a bargaining chip because of maria butina that was just -- was about to be sentenced after she did a plea deal for her espionage work in the united states on behalf of russia. maybe that's what's going on. we don't know. this gentleman, wheland, was
11:38 am
traveling to russia a lot. a russian-file somebody interested in the country and spent time there it's hard to know what the truth is of these allegations. we can't trust the russian legal process. >> vladimir putin said that russia doesn't do an eye for an eye as it relates to law enforcement. are we to believe him? >> no. i don't think we should believe what he says on its face. but it also may be the case that it is unrelated and that possibly it's not as if russia is running a perfect way where every bureaucracy know what's the others are doing. >> we will continue to monitor what is going with paul wheland. thanks for joining mess. >> thank you. >> police in manchester say the
11:39 am
new year's eve stabbing of three people was a terrorist incident. police say two people suffered serious injuries in the attack and a police sergeant that was also stabbed has been released from the hospital. a suspect has been arrested but not charged or identified. all of this coming as two other attacks in germany and japan may be terror related as well. jacqui heinrich joins us more. a lot going on. >> a lot going on. police are treating the incident as a terror attack, the stabbing incident. it happened as people headed out for new year's eve celebrations in manchester. police said they got a call about a man with a knife. officers tackled him but not before three people were seriously hurt. the chief constable said the attack has shaken the city, especially after a suicide bomber killed 22 people at an ariana grande concert. >> i know the events of last night will have affected many
11:40 am
people and cause concern, particularly as the incident happened so close to the scene of the terrorist attack on may 22, 2017. i believe this makes it an even more dreadful attack for our city. >> this morning police searched a nearby address where they believe the suspect was living. witnesses told the associated press the man shouted allah before the attack, but police have not confirmed that. >> meanwhile, police in germany say a man tried to attack syrian and afghan people as well. they say that was an intentional incident. the 50-year-old driver was a german man. police say he plowed his car into a crowd early this morning hurting four people. he then sped off and allegedly tried to hit a group at a bus stop. he didn't hit them. police said he made comments against foreigners in. all this happened where 12 people were killed at a christmas market two years ago. he drove his truck into a crowd.
11:41 am
>> jacqui, what is the latest in tokyo? there was an incident there. >> yeah a man is accused of driving a car into a crowd of people shopping. it happened ten minutes after midnight. the street was shut down to traffic because it's close to a popular shrine. japanese people visit shines to pray for good fortune in the new year. police say the man told him he did it on purpose. the victims range in their teens to their 50s. >> police on watch all over the world as we head into 2019. thank you. >> thank you. >> meantime, despite stocks ending on a high note, the markets for the entire year, it wasn't pretty. where do we go from here in 2019? we'll take a look. coming up, a new year miracle after a baby is rescued from the rubble of a partially collapsed building. wow! . i don't keep track of regrets. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on...
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>> shepard: now to the economy. we start off the new year. stocks just ended their worst year seasons the financial crisis ten years ago. what is in store for 2019? joining us now, rebecca waltzer, a tax attorney and financial planner. hi, rebecca. >> good to be here. >> looking short term here, it was a terrible december for the markets. it was a very volatile last week. a lot of times to start off the year we take a look at what happened the very first day and the very first week. what do you anticipate in the short term? >> well, you know, december for the s&p and the dow was the worst since the great depression, 1931. that's a little scary. for the year, we are down but we did have, you know, a slight rally the last four days. so the first four days we had
11:46 am
upticks since august. that's a positive. president trump tweeted about china and the trade negotiations and that made us have a good monday. so i'm anticipating tomorrow that we're going to have volatility. it's going to be rough seas ahead for the near term for sure. >> for the average person that doesn't trade but might have a 401(k) and they hear it when it's happening, don't look at your 401(k), is that sound advice or should they take a look at what might be happening with their retirement? >> a great question. so glad you said that. the thing is when you're in your 20s and 30s, you don't look at it every day because you're in a long investment horizon. people in their 40s and 50s and want to retire early, we don't want to go through a 50% decline like they went through in 2008 with the great recession. so we need to be more cognizant
11:47 am
of the market when we're ten years or less outside the market. we need to make sure what is happening. >> one of the big stories going forward that is not getting a lot of play, americans, tens of millions, hundreds of millions across the country soon will be paying their tax bill. going to be filing taxes. there is a new tax table in place. new rates, et cetera, on down the line for individuals and businesses. when people get around to this here in the next month or so, do you think they're going to find this as a positive for them or maybe not? >> okay. it's like everything. it's a little bit of a mixed situation. i love the new tax table. i'm obsessive. i'm in love with it. because i see so much opportunity especially for the 401(k) holders to take what they've built pretax and convert it to a roth. the rates are the lowest that we've had since f.d.r. so it's incredible what we can
11:48 am
do. however, we do have to say that there are the blue states that won't be happy. i reviewed the schedule a today. you can see clearly on it, if you're itemizing and used to writing off your personal tax income and your state property tax, that's now limited to $10,000. so we'll have people in illinois, california, new york, a little bit shocked. not so happy if they weren't paying attention when the tax reform went through. >> you mentioned the rates. the rates have gone up four times in 2018, three times in 2017 and makes borrowing costs, whether it's a house, a car, your credit card, et cetera. the fed has said or signals that there could be two more rate hikes in 2019. but many are not buying that. you think the cost of borrowing will go up this year? >> yeah, it's a great question. it comes back to economics.
11:49 am
the fact is, blake, we are now at 2.5%. it's still very cheap money in historical perspectives. let's keep it in perspective. still cheap money. the thing to keep in mind and i'm not going to sit here and bash president obama but i don't believe his economic policies were stimulative of the economy. he was pro regulation, not stimulative of growth so what helped him is free and cheap easy money. monetary policy. we've had nine years of really low rates. if we go into a coming recession in the next two years, we're going to need the federal reserve to have more bullets and they don't have it at 2.5%. >> it was easy money and led by janet yellen who president trump decided not to keep as the fed chair. he decided to put in ben bernanke and has gone on to bash him since then. did the president make a mistake
11:50 am
there? i'm sorry. jay powell. he put jay powell. did he make a mistake there? >> i don't think so. i think jay powell is doing his job. he wants to keep it nonpolitical. i think he knows that if he's going to have any kind of relevance any time we have another bear, whenever it does come, he can't do a lot with the 2.5%. so he's playing it by the book. he knows with the de-leveraging of the balance sheet and the rates where they are -- you have to normalize some. we have to. >> the heat is on jay powell whether it's the president or folks on the wall street. thanks, rebecca, for joining us. i appreciate it. >> laura? >> special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation could wrap up in 2019. so what can we expect it to uncover? chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge will join us live with more next.
11:51 am
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>> anticipation building in washington as many wait for robert mueller to wrap up his report on the russia investigation. a big court battle is possible before the final report ever sees the light of day. there's a question because it might. catherine herridge is live in washington. hi, catherine. >> good afternoon. based on fox's reporting, we believe that robert mueller's investigation is in the final stages and some media reporting suggests that mueller could finalize his report as early as february. but mueller's office does not comment publicly on its progress or the timeline. the end of last year, the house intelligence committee voted to provide special counsel investigators with the testimony of political operative roger stone. last month, the senior committee
11:55 am
democrat suggested that e-mails between stone and his associate, jerome corsi are inconsistent with statements to congress. another outstanding question is whether mueller has been building an obstruction case against the president over his firing of james comey. an issue is related to mike flynn. on sunday, the incoming chairman of the powerful senate judiciary committee was pressed on the president's choice to leave the justice department william barr who wrote to the deputy attorney general last year stating any obstruction case would not be on sound legal footing. >> i shared many of mr. barr's thoughts about the consequences of obstruction of justice for personnel decisions. having said that, he will have to defend his reasoning. i have confidence in mr. barr. like any other citizen, he can offer his opinion.
11:56 am
that's why we have the hearings. he will be tested. i will support him unless i hear something out of left field. >> senator graham says the first order of business will be the confirmation hearings for attorney general. if you think of this as a giant chess game until the new attorney general is in place. >> thanks, catherine. >> now to a different story that involves russia. rescue workers pulled a 10-month-old baby out alive from a partially collapsed apartment building calling him a new year miracle after he survived after more than 35 hours in freezing temperatures. rescuers heard him crying from deep down in the debris. nine people died in yesterday i've building collapse. officials believe a gas explosion was the cause of this. >> that is the way to start off the new year's. rescuing that baby.
11:57 am
it's always remarkable how they last for so long. in this case, thank god they did. >> that does it for us. thanks for being with us today. heather childers is in for shep. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. o do. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. ways metal vibration [heavy guitar lick] [glass shattering!] not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary.
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>> heather: president trump rejecting a plan by democrats to end the government shut down because it does not include any money for his border wall. the democrats are pushing forward with their spending bills. and urging republicans to get on board. plus, russia is calling him a spy. his family says he was in moscow for a wedding. the latest on the american facing espionage charges. and north korean dictator kim jong-un threatening to change course on denuclearization. and hello, everyone. i'm heather childers. i'm not shepard smith. we begin a new year. can y


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